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WIR ERFÜLLEN hÖCHSTE Ansprüche an Präzision und Sicherheitv

Wir konstruieren und fertigen Rohrleitungsteile in den Dimensionen von DN15 – DN 2000 gemäß Kundenvorgaben, Zeichnungen und Isometrien.

Fertigung von Rohrleitungsgestellen für Kraftwerksregeleinheiten einschließlich Rohre, Verkabelung, Stahlbau, Farbgebung, Verpackung und Transport.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


Pipework systems are distinctive structures in power stations and other utility facilities.

We are a highly specialised, globally active professional company and have been engaged for over 20 years in fabrication and installation of pipe systems and provide all associated services.


Pipe system fabrication for power plant construction projects

We are manufacturing pipelines and complex pipe systems from nominal diameters ND 8 to ND 2000 to customer specifications, isometric drawings and facility planning designs.

We are aware of the fact that pipes are not off-the-shelf commodities: We manufacture customised pipes to meet your project-specific pipeline engineering designs.

We boast all necessary experiences and certifications to enable us to fabricate products to your technical specifications and in full compliance with quality requirements defined in Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (Module H); EN1090-1 and 2 to EXC3.



Our promise:
We will be available wherever you need us

Regardless when, where and how – our team of experienced specialists will be promptly on site and fix your problem flexibly, swiftly, hassle-free. Worldwide!


The decisive phase following delivery

… when it comes to installation of pipelines, complete pipe systems and power plant components on site …